At InnoStar Solutions, we offer more than just the highest quality products. We also offer services that support your business strategy and your supply chain needs.

Custom Packaging

InnoStar offers a wide variety of standard packaging options along with custom solutions. Package your product in tubes (10-oz & Quart), sausages, drums, cartridges, and/or pails. Custom boxes and packaging are available.


Your one stop shop for equipment and supplies necessary to get the job done right. Purchase sausage applicators, nozzles, caulking guns, and all the equipment you would need to enable you to dispense anything from 55-gallon drums all the way down to precision syringe-pens. Contact us for more information.

Customer & Product Support

We offer support for all of our products and equipment. InnoStar is there with you before your purchase – to make sure that you are getting all the information you need to make a smart buy. We are also there after your purchases – to make sure that you have the proper support to maximize the benefits of our products and equipment.

Private Label

Increase your brand awareness! Gain the competitive edge with our solutions and protect that edge with our private labeling service! Contact us for more information.