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About Us

InnoStar is committed to sustainable products for manufacturing and construction applications. We use hybrid technologies and advanced formulations to create high performance sealants and adhesives. Quality and consistency are the keys for success and it’s what InnoStar stands for. The sealant you use today will perform just like the sealant you use tomorrow.

Our Vision

Our vision, at InnoStar Solutions, is to provide customers with such exceptional value for their sealant and adhesive needs that they never look further. The expert staff at InnoStar is determined to find the best performing solutions to help you get the job done – solutions grounded in value, performance, sustainability, practicality and quality.

Our Brand

We promise to stand behind our products – and stand behind you as well – every step of the way. Our brand promise is dependability, integrity, and going the extra mile.

Our business is to help your business stand out from the crowd.

What We Stand For

InnoStar seeks to manufacture in a responsible manner, and deliver maximum product performance in terms of energy savings & reliability.
Our leading edge sealant technology combines the best properties of Silicones and Polyurethanes into Advanced Hybrid Sealants.
Being Your Total Solution
We offer services that support your business strategy and supply chain needs.
True sustainability considers the entire product life cycle and the functionality of the product during its life. InnoStar seeks to manufacture in a responsible manner, deliver maximum product performance in terms of energy savings & reliability, and use materials & formulas that do no harm to the environment or people. Further, products should not pose problems at end of life. To achieve these ends, we begin with formulations that are inherently more eco-friendly because they contain little or no solvent, and avoid the use of more harmful constituent molecules. This results in less harmful Volatile Organic Chemicals being emitted to the atmosphere, improved health & safety for those who use and come in contact with the materials, and no harmful waste stream components at the end of the useful life. Next it is important to consider the energy costs associated with delivering the materials to the worksite. Transporting a product from overseas or great distances not only increases the economic cost, but the additional energy consumed in the form of transportation makes the product less “green”. By locating our factory and key suppliers in the Central USA, we can minimize overall delivery times to most of the USA, Mexico and Canada. Many of our competitors bring significant portions of their products in from overseas. A key component of the ecology equation is what is the benefit of the product during its service life? Sealants, for example, must be effective and long lasting to provide reliable energy savings. Low quality products often don’t measure up environmentally or financially when the performance is accurately factored. A sealant that deteriorates and requires premature or regular replacement is no bargain at any price. Worse, a failed material can result in energy losses comparable to leaving and open hole in the wall. Finally, and unfortunately, all too many of us have witnessed the nightmare where a minimally expensive component such as the sealant or adhesive, leads to a catastrophic failure. It’s not just the leaky roof that requires repair; it’s the contents of the home or business that are damaged. At InnoStar Solutions, Inc. we make every effort to consider the product life cycle from beginning to end in an effort to bring you safe, sound, dependable, and sustainable products.
InnoStar is a maker of next generation Hybrid Sealants. Our leading edge sealant technology combines the best properties of Silicones and Polyurethanes into Advanced Hybrid Sealants. These hybrid sealants have supreme weather-ability, excellent handling characteristics, and are also very eco-friendly. InnoStar’s mission is to efficiently provide technically advanced products to make your business better.
PURfect Hybrid™
PURfect Hybridis a single component, moisture cure, advanced elastomeric polymer adhesive/sealant. It combines the best properties of Silicone (Excellent Weatherability) and Polyurethane (Ease of Use) into one Advanced Polymer. You get the good of Silicone and Polyurethane without their limitations! With our Advanced Polymer, you get the best of both worlds! Primer-less adhesion to most surfaces: Wood, aluminum, vinyl, hardboard siding, brick, cement, primed metal, etc. Adheres to Kynar coated metals and most painted surfaces Non-fading – Color Stable: Sealant looks fresh and new – for years of long lasting protection No bubbling or surface pinholes. Cross-linking chemistry yields tough, durable permanent results. Isocyanate free! FINALLY, THE ULTIMATE SEALANT FOR ALMOST EVERY APPLICATION!
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